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Founded in 2001 to provide a permanent home for animals, the word 'home' has special
meaning to those of us who volunteer for KPLH.  Our homes and the homes of our parents
and grandparents provided sanctuary to many a human and animal.  With the purchase of
the CT property in 1998 and achieving charity status in 2001,  KPLH has since moved to PA
where Shagbark Farm took us in by donating an old recreation hall and mobile home on 23
acres of hickory forest and an old camp ground. KPLH, at its peak, had 156 feline residents
at the main sanctuary and supported many more cats and other animals in homes across
the Northeast. Currently, members are attempting to leverage their professional
backgrounds such as science and education to create educational initiative programs for
local children where parents would donate what they can afford or volunteer to help out
with the animals.        
Please consider donating to KPLH.  Tell us stories about what having a home has
meant to you.  What stories do you have about rescuing humans and animals? We'd
like to feature such stories on this website in the future.  As we bring in more funds
we will always try to reach out to those whose heart's are big but whose pocketbooks
are small.
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