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Know Place Like Home
Lill's Essentills>>>

Lill has struggled with morbid obesity for many years.  She has been on the lookout for
products that can relieve the chafing and infection that occur between the folds of skin.  This
"bed sore"-like problem persisted even when she lost weight...the sagging skin created the
same problem.  Drawing on a 27 year career in biochemistry and microbiology, Lill has
formulated a body powder which provides unique relief from this problem.  The powder also
has a pleasant, mild scent unlike many commercial products which contain heavy perfume or
menthol. Fresh leaf and new stem extract with a corn starch base are used to prepare Lill's
Essentills. Lill's Essentills are packed in a large container to be stored in the freezer. A
smaller container is provided to be used at room temperature.

Lill harvests from the tree canopy, leaving foliage near the ground for the wild life.  Leaves
are harvested during the last weeks of summer and only 1/10th of any plant's leaves/stems
are taken.

***If you suffer from nasal or skin allergies to grasses, leaves, pollen or corn starch, do not
purchase Lill's Essentills as the purchase price is non-refundable due to the freshness and
rarity of the extract used in the powder's preparation.***

Lill's Essentill's are offered for $25/lb exclusively by KPLH...full price used for food and
vetinary care for the kitties. All $$ above the list price is 50% tax deductible.