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Know Place Like Home
Dr. Lill's Lab>>>Many members of KPLH have worked for many years in science and
education. KPLH is attempting to leverage those backgrounds in several ways. First, create a
hands-on science experience for children and adults. Second, explore the natural products
present on Shagbark Farm grounds such as hickory and a wide variety of invasive plants like
golden rod and melli flora rose.

Projects include:
>>understanding why invasive plants are so successful

>>production of  biodiesel fuel (by extraction and/or fermentation using mulched plant for  
microbial food source) for
use right on the premises.

>>devise a reasonable treatment for inedible plant material which would render it edible and
usable as a food for wild and domestic animals.

>>construction and implementation of alternative energy devices such as bicycle and wind
mill generators.

>>restoration of the old farm land to a healthy meadow (for bee hives) and pasture (for
larger rescue animals)