Cat Sanctuary

Mission Statement

Know Place Like Home INC is a non-profit animal sanctuary currently caring for cats
with special needs such as:
  • homelessness
  • incontinence and cat box phobia
  • owner issues (allergies, incompatible behaviors of feline or human)  
  • old age
  • immune deficiency diseases such as FIV (but not Feline Leukemia)
KPLH offers a permanent home for life of the cat at our sanctuary in Shinglehouse,
PA.  100% of all monetary donations go toward food and veterinary care, unless the
donor specifies otherwise.  We also support  people caring for multiple animals when
funds are available.  

Many ways to donate to the kitties and get a
tax deduction:
  • Donate to cat sanctuary directly
  • Buy Dad's books>>>Dad donates 10% of all sales
    to the kitties.
  • Buy Lill's Essentills>>>Any $ above the list price is
    50% tax deductible.
  • Buy KPLH postcardsl>>>Any $ above list price is
    50% tax deductible.
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Know Place Like Home